Game manual (extended)

It really is incredibly simple and it goes without saying, but below are the ridiculously extensive rules of the Building Blocks Game. For the short explanation, look here.

Step 1: a competition

  1. You or someone else create a competition and add participants, from then on you are a ‘Game Maker’.
  2. For this competition you set what is played with. For example, a certain Lego box with a specific number (or clay or K’nex or whatever). That way everyone plays with the same box that’s fair. But it is of course not a must.
  3. For each competition you can still set:
    • whether the competition is visible to everyone () and
    • whether everyone can subscribe to it (), as well as the maximum number, or whether only you can add players ().

Step 2: rounds

  1. Each round, someone comes up with a theme and an mandatory block (or another fun rule).
  2. The Game Maker also sets the submission deadline (date and time) and deadline for awarding points.
  3. Then build and tinker and upload a photo of your creation (just) before the deadline.
  4. If you are unable to participate in a round, you can indicate that you skip it.
  5. As long as it is possible to submit, the uploaded creations are not yet visible to everyone.

Step 3: give points

  1. When the submission deadline has passed, points can be awarded and titles guessed.
  2. Each team nominates a top 3 creations that are the most beautiful or original by giving them 1, 2 or 3 stars ().
  3. Each team gives in the title of its own creation and tries to guess what the others have created.
  4. Each team nominates another team for the best/ most creative use of the mandatory block.
  5. Each team nominates another team for the most original and creative idea.
  6. There are points:
    • If you guess what the other has imagined (1 point).
    • If another person/team guesses what you have created (1 point).
    • The top 3 will receive 3 points for the first nomination, 2 points for the second and 1 point for the third.
    • For the most creative creation – this does not have to be someone from your top 3 (1 point).
    • For best use of the mandatory block (1 point).
  7. There are penalty points for not following the rules or if someone else had the same super original idea:
    • If people have portrayed the same, these creators both receive 5 penalty points. So you have to think carefully about what you are going to portray in the theme.
    • If you have not (visibly) used the mandatory block (or made up rule) of that week (5 penalty points)

The Game Maker is the jury

When the deadline for awarding points has passed, the Game Maker can review the entries and determine whether participants have guessed the titles correctly. The Game Maker also highlights whether submissions get penalty points.

Decency rules

It goes without saying that you should behave properly on BuildingBlocksGame, therefore the following rules may be superfluous:

  • Use and/or posting of violent or sexually explicit material is prohibited
  • Always communicate neatly and with respect, both in direct messages and in the comments (of a game round). Discriminatory remarks and the use of expletives are not allowed, among other things.

In the event of violation of the above rules, BuildingBlocksGame determines whether measures will be taken and what measures these are. BuildingBlocksGame can potentially remove content and remove users from the platform (but nobody lets it get that far, right?).

Any further questions? View the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it free?

    Registering for, participating in and organizing a competition is free. We do show advertising on the site from time to time to cover the costs for hosting and development. We love it when you support us by donating.

  • Do I have to register?

    Yes you have to. In order to play the game we need to identify you as a player. We use your e-mail address for this.

  • How can I tell if I already submitted my scores? ?

    How can I tell if I already submitted my scores? ?

    If you log in and go to the relevant round of your competition, you can easily see if your scores have already been submitted. There are two options:

    1. Either you can still score (so you see input fields where you can enter the titles to guess, the stars to hand out and other options for giving points).
    2. Or you can no longer score (all entry fields are gone).

    In case 1) your scores have not yet been submitted.
    In case 2) your scores have been submitted.

  • Can i delete a round?

    Yes, that’s possible. Send us a message with your request and we’ll take care of it.

  • Can we only play with Lego?

    No, you can play with whatever you want. How about playing with clay or K’nex? You could even host a plane folding, puns, or woodworking competition. There are actually no restrictions.

  • I am missing functionality, what should I do?

    If you have any suggestions for improvements to the game, send an email to and we’ll look into it. Keep in mind that it should be general functionality that will benefit all players.