Game Manual

You play the Building Blocks Game with your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and anyone else. It’s ridiculously simple:

  • Everyone plays with the same box of Lego (or clay or K’nex or whatever), that’s fair.
  • Each round, someone comes up with a theme and a mandatory block (or another fun rule).
  • Then have fun building and crafting and upload a photo of your creation (just) before the deadline.
  • Points for when someone guesses what you’ve made and for guessing a creation correctly. And for the most creative creations.
  • Penalty points if you didn’t follow the rules or someone else had the same super original idea.

That’s all. But fun it is.

Be creative and have fun!

The ridiculously extensive rules are here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it free?

    Registering for, participating in and organizing a competition is free. We do show advertising on the site from time to time to cover the costs for hosting and development. We love it when you support us by donating.

  • Do I have to register?

    Yes you have to. In order to play the game we need to identify you as a player. We use your e-mail address for this.

  • How can I tell if I already submitted my scores? ?

    How can I tell if I already submitted my scores? ?

    If you log in and go to the relevant round of your competition, you can easily see if your scores have already been submitted. There are two options:

    1. Either you can still score (so you see input fields where you can enter the titles to guess, the stars to hand out and other options for giving points).
    2. Or you can no longer score (all entry fields are gone).

    In case 1) your scores have not yet been submitted.
    In case 2) your scores have been submitted.

  • Can i delete a round?

    Yes, that’s possible. Send us a message with your request and we’ll take care of it.

  • Can we only play with Lego?

    No, you can play with whatever you want. How about playing with clay or K’nex? You could even host a plane folding, puns, or woodworking competition. There are actually no restrictions.

  • I am missing functionality, what should I do?

    If you have any suggestions for improvements to the game, send an email to and we’ll look into it. Keep in mind that it should be general functionality that will benefit all players.